Em and Yves series



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EMPOWERED: What if you had lived before? What if your past life and this one were controlled by "powers" with an agenda? ​

Darlene Jones

My goal as a writer is to connect with readers; to evoke emotion, to entertain and, hopefully, to inform for I believe the novels we like best are the ones that take us beyond our own experience and teach us something more about the world.

I am most proud of review comments like these: 

"a think piece"

"made me laugh and cry"

"had me rooting for the good guys"

"writing is elegant, taut, and free from obscurity"

"Towards the end I was sobbing. Good thing I'm not wearing any make-up."

"makes its mark in terms of social commentary"

"writes fantastic fight scenes and adept at dialogue"

"presents a unique take on the world"

"an ordinary person placed into extraordinary situations and forced to cope"

 "I was expecting a bit of mystery and romance. It's more than that. It's a novel that makes you think about how others might see our society."